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Groupon is a daily deal site with up to 550 deals including side deals going on at once at local stores and online companies. Most of the deals are city specific, but some of the deals can be redeemed from any city nationwide. You can purchase these no matter where you live because they’re redeemable online!

Keep visiting www.couponsgather.com for your daily coupon needs to save you some money.


One day I found a great deal on groupon.com but missed the deadline and couldn’t buy it the next day because it was gone from my city’s website. Unfortunately the deals on groupon.com only last for a day or two, so I decided to search other cities to see if I could find the same deal somewhere else, since this deal was for an online store. I spent a lot of time searching 10-15 nearby cities but eventually I found it and was able to purchase it.

That is when I decided to create this website, www.couponsgather.com, where it is simple and easy to search for anything you are looking for and it is not limited to just one area. Here you can search for great deals by City, Company, and even Terms offered nationwide. This is perfect for those who like to travel and would like to take advantage of great deals at their destination. I have even grouped online deals under "List National/Online Deals" which can be purchased anytime anywhere. Also, many people don’t realize that there are deals not showing up on groupon.com’s main site but are available, nonetheless.

I have purchased many great deals since I’ve put this site together, and so have many of my friends and family. For example, I bought a beautiful canvas print from CanvasOnDemand.com. I simply entered "canvas" in the search field and it gave me a list of companies, including Canvas On Demand, which I have not seen under my city on groupon.com, but could easily find it on Coupons Gather com.

Try it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Spread the secret among your friends, share it on Facebook and on Twitter.

Happy saving!